The International Forum for Academic and Scientific Research Association (iFASRA) is a private non-profit organization delivering support and services to educators and researchers around the world. We provide FREE publication opportunities.

iFASRA is established in 2016. In partnership with research institutions, community organizations, enterprises, and foundations. iFASRA provides a variety of programs to support and promote education and research development, including educational programs for students, financial support for researchers, international education projects, and scientific publications.

iFASRA publishes scholarly journals in a wide range of academic fields of social sciences. These journals deliver original, peer-reviewed research from international scholars to a worldwide audience. All our journals are available in electronic form.


To work for future generations


Scientific integrity and excellence
Respect and equity in the workplace


Scientific publishing
Network development for international education and research
Providing scholarships for educational institutions, students, and researchers
Providing financial support for research projects

Journal of Applied Finance and Economic Policy

JAFEP is a fully peer-reviewed and open access journal with a mission to help researchers reach a truly global audience, interact with experts in their field, and discover connections across diverse fields of economics and beyond.

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